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Company Name ZENinc.
CEO Zenji Oshikawa
Location ProtectⅢBuildingB1F 1-2-11 Daimyou Chuoku Fukuoka Japan
TEL +81.92.400.8885
FAX +81.92.400.8885
Wholesale Business Handling Brand
HTC (Hollywod trading corporation),HTC BLACK,Toecutter,Battalion,ALA,JUNKY JAGUAR,JOHNSON MOTORS INC.
Plan Production Business Handling Brand
Duties contents ・I have "rumbleFISH","Blackies" in Fukuoka and administer it.

・I perform house brand "Battalion" from a plan to production and I hold Tokyo exhibition twice a year and unfolding in the whole country.

・By the wholesale business, it unfolds by regular import wholesale sale in the whole country as a Japanese agency of brand "HTC"(Hollywood trading company) of Los Angels. I have the monopoly of the sale in Japan about "HTC BLACK" of the other label.

・It unfolds by regular import wholesale in the whole country as a Japanese agency of "Toecutter" of the Los Angels brand.

・Brand "Johnson Motors Inc." which started from Pasadena State of California is selling wholesale to Kyushu,Yamaguchi prefecture as Kyushu District Masanori agency.


ZEN Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") collect customer's name, its address, its telephone number, its e-mail address, etc. by which such customer can be identified (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information") in a proper manner only if you agree.

1) Obtaining personal information
Company collect Personal Information below with customer's agreement.

Phone number
Email address
Age, gender, and occupation, etc. information about customer
Information of our product what customer has currently
Feedback on Company and our service

2) Utilization of Personal Information
We use collected Personal Information for purpose below

Shipping and offer after servise involved purchased goods.
When introducing in a commercial manner any and all goods, services, campaigns, events etc. that the Company provides through email, phone call, print.
When conducting a survey through questionnaire for enabling the Company to plan and develop any goods, and/or to study any measure to improve customer satisfaction, etc.
When conducting any and all things needed to respond to any enquiries from any customer, to provide prompt service, etc.

3) Disclosure of Personal Information
The Company properly manage any all collected Personal Information and shall never provide to disclosure of Personal Information to a third party except any of the following cases. In case of to be received to remove content from law, code, appropriate authority.

antecedent (2) in case of Company may provide any Personal Information to any of its contractors to the extent only necessary to achieve the purpose of usage thereof.

Other in case of to be allowed disclosure to third party as low.

4) disclosure self information, correction, deletion
The Company support with identity verification in an intelligent way if customer need Personal Information updating.

5) Inquiry etc.
The contact point for a customer regarding the handling of Personal Information.

ZEN Inc.
Tel: +81-92-400-8885

Regarding documents
The "Privacy Policy" updated on 06/01/2010.
We may review and revise the above policies as we think fit. Notification of all such revisions will be given on this page.